Re: Nautilus splitted-view

On 17/02/2008, Vitezslav Kotrla <vitko post cz> wrote:
> Salvatore Benedetto píše v So 16. 02. 2008 v 23:44 +0100:
> > I'm very curious though, about how you guys move and copy a file from
> > one directory to another
> > within nautilus.
> I've realized (not without a surprise) I'm doing following most of the
> time:
> 1) mouse right-click
> 2) select 'Open in Terminal'
> 3) mv destination ;-)
> That is only if I know destination (which I do as I'm rutinely working
> on similar projects). Tab completion in bash is very useful and much
> faster than opening new nautilus window.

I'm sorry, but you must admit that a normal desktop user is not
supposed to use the terminal at all :)


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