Nautilus splitted-view

Hello dear Gnome developers,

I recently switched from KDE to the Gnome Desktop environment and I love Gnome so far. But there is one thing I miss from KDE: The option to split the view in the file browser. It's a really nice feature, which greatly enhances the workflow. Now, I'm writing this mail because I wanted to ask if it might be possible to include such a feature into the next version, or versions, of the Nautilus file browser. I would really like to help but I just recently started to learn coding, so I don't think that I'd be really good at helping, but nevertheless, I created a mock-up of what I think would be a could way to implement the splitted view. It's attached to this e-mail. My Nautilus is in German but I think it's still easy to see what I mean.

Anyway, all the best, and keep up the good work.


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