Re: A new feature in file-manager

> In file manager size of all the icons (including folder, regular file
> icons and thumbnails) would 
> change based upon the last access/modification of that file/folder.
> If the file/folder has been accessed or modified very recently its
> icon will be little bigger, can
> be scaled around 1.5 times regular size.  If the file/folder's
> access/modification is within 1 day 
> to 1 week than its icon size can be scaled to 1.2 times etc..
> If some file/folder has not been accessed in long time, their size can
> be scaled to 0.5 or 0.8 times.
> With this feature, it would be very easy for someone to find a file
> that he/she is accessing recently. 
> I have been looking at Nautilus code from last  2 days but couldnt
> find a easy way to code this.
> As I admit that I am not a very good coder  :)  it would be great if
> someone on development
> can help me to implement this feature. 
> Best Regards,
> Avadh Patel 
> -- 

Good Idea, but have you ever thought of its usability factor. How many
people really like it.
It would be better if this feature is made as plugin to nautilus, so
people who want to have such, can enable that plugin, it will save CPU,

Anyway , I won't use this feature in my nautilus :)

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