Re: A new feature in file-manager


On 8/31/07, Sébastien Barthélemy <barthelemy crans org> wrote:

I think rox-filer has a similar feature: recently used files appear with
their name in bold. This is indeed really useful. And maybe easier to
implement than your original suggestion.

Well I have checked few source code of the nautilus and try to do some experiment
with that. In function 'nautilus_icon_container_update_icon()' in nautilus-icon-container.c
file, we can change the icon->scale value to change the size of the icon.

But I am wondering how to find the information of the file of that particular icon.
In this function, before setting up the icon to display, if we can find the last access/modification
timing information than there might be a way to implement this feature.

If can someone point me to some functions that I can use to find file information related
to the icon than it would be a great help.

Best Regards,
Avadh Patel

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