Re: Nautilus Preview


Thanks very much.

You can disable thumbnailers per-type in gconf. I.e. for pdf it would
/desktop/gnome/thumbnailers/application pdf/enable

Great. I'll try this.

Then I noticed that nautilus is not displaying right the "index.theme" files in the theme directories of in ~/.theme. Nautilus displays the the name of the theme instead of the file name. Well, this wouldn't be so bad, but this way I am not able to open the file 'normally' with a text editor. What is nautilus doing there? Is there a way to change this behaviour?

This is because the file is a desktop file. These are used for things
like menus and shortcuts in the free desktops. So, we display the name
listed in them, not the filename. You should still be able to open them
correctly with the open-with context menu.

Is there a way to disable this behaviour? At least browsing in Nautilus? Or is nautilus the wrong file manager for me if I want to browse and manage my _real_ files? I really would like to see the filenames of my files.

Thanks and regards

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