Re: do not show file size in toolbar for specific items

On Mon, 26 Feb 2007 16:06:47 +0100, Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> wrote:

On Sun, 2007-02-25 at 00:20 +0100, Christian Kirbach wrote:

I would like to raise your attention to Bug 390055 – do not show file size in toolbar for computer:///

Currently when icons in the Computer view are selected, the toolbar
attempts to show the size.
This will result in "(0 byte)" being displayed in the toolbar. This does
not make any sense
for e.g. empty removable media devices and the Network icon.

Looks like a nice idea. We're in string freeze though, and it changes
strings, so it can't go in atm.

We are in development cycle again. I have been using the patch for months without any impact.
I suggest incorporating the patch.

Look at

Christian Kirbach
Christian Kirbach googlemail com
+49 176 23861781

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