Suggestion for improve nautilus usability

First of all I wanted to thank for this wonderful tool and for the effort of developers and anyone who cooperate in the development of the free software and specially nautilus what is the topic I wanted to write about.
I have been using linux with windows in a dual boot, I wanted to learn as much as possible before I finished mi relation with windows. Finally with the last ubuntu I did and I wanted to keep the same functionality than I had in windows as much as possible.
In the folders where I have music files I cannot sort the files by artist or track etc, the same for the photos and I suppose for all the files which contained MIME types. I think this is interesting for usability.
I could too in windows to see some tags under the mp3 file in the file browser, for example if I sort by name I could see under the name of the mp3 the name of the album and the group,  if I sort by track I could see the numer of the track under the name of the mp3.

I hope this was the right way in order to show my ideas for improving this tool and thanks for all.

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