Re: Nautilus sidebar width and more

On Tue, 2007-03-13 at 08:38 +0100, Stefano Teso wrote:
> Hi,
> > [1] - Looks pretty ok, except I don't like the (FALSE ==
> > open_in_new_window) idiom. Just do if (!foo) or if (foo) if its a
> > boolean value. Also, it would be nicer if the code for activation was
> > shared between the menu activation and row_activated_callback instead of
> > duplicated.
> Okay, I'll take care of those issues soon.
> > [2] - Got some screenshots to show the difference?
> Of course. Take a look at
> I've attached two screenshots. The point is that the frame's shadow is
> asymmetrical to the percieved sidebar's position -- that's because the
> vertical resize bar doesn't have an outline, making the distinction
> between view content and container widgets hard to see.

I'm not sure. It does have some value in that it separates the header
from the rest of the sidebar that can change. What do other people

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