Re: do not show file size in toolbar for specific items

On Sun, 2007-02-25 at 00:20 +0100, Christian Kirbach wrote:
> I would like to raise your attention to Bug 390055 – do not show file size  
> in toolbar for computer:///
> Currently when icons in the Computer view are selected, the toolbar  
> attempts to show the size.
> This will result in "(0 byte)" being displayed in the toolbar. This does  
> not make any sense
> for e.g. empty removable media devices and the Network icon.
> The attached patch is the one from Bug 390055. It inhibits the 0 byte size  
> being displayed
> for icons like the ones in the Computer view. I have been using the patch  
> since last December
> withou any noticable user impact. I do not have the skills nor the time to  
> review it.

Looks like a nice idea. We're in string freeze though, and it changes
strings, so it can't go in atm.

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