Re: Where are the applications in 'Open with other application"coming from?

Le samedi 24 février 2007 à 15:38 +0100, Tom Parker a écrit :
> On Tue, 20 Feb 2007 17:27:53 +0100, Daniel Leidert <daniel leidert spam gmx net> wrote:
> > Together with the "Open with other application" list entry, there are
> > all applications shown, that are mentioned (via .desktop) to handle this
> > special file type. But in "Open with other application", there are also
> Two problems:
> 1) Applications being listed that can't open anything ("Activate
> Screensaver" for example). This is fixed by

Oh my, this is going to blindly blacklist all applications from the
Debian menu. I have some ideas to work around this in the Debian

> 2) Applications being listed that can't open a particular mimetype.
> This can be fixed in a similar way, except using the MimeType key
> rather than the Exec key of the .desktop files. However, this will
> require extending libgnome-menu because it doesn't currently have a
> function to get at the mime type info for a .desktop item.

This would be completely useless. Applications that are known to open
that MimeType are all shown in the context menu. This dialog is here to
bring another application.

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