Re: Patch: zoom slider in spatial windows

On Sat, 2007-02-24 at 16:34 +0100, Rached Ben Mustapha wrote:

> I often find myself adjusting the zoom level of spatial windows, based
> on the number of files they contain. I tried to implement a zoom
> slider, as can be seen in some applications these days [1] [2].

I like it, but it crowds the UI a little.

Another possibility for windows with few icons in them would be to
automatically zoom to fill more of the available space. This would only
work when the window is significantly larger than its contents, but it
would mean that you could zoom in by just making the window larger, and
zoom back out by making it smaller again.

It would need minimum and maximum zoom thresholds, of course, so you
can't make the icons really tiny or really big. The minimum could be
determined by existing preferences and the zoom level, and the maximum
could be twice or three times that.

I'll let an actual Nautilus maintainer (Alex, I guess) speak for the

Hans Petter

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