Re: On format of media in Nautilus

Hi Emmanuele,

So seems HAL can't totally support us to implement format for all-purpose format.

I take a quick look at Gparted, I find there is a format menu, so seems this tool support format, also I find in Suse 10, there is a tool named partitionar, which also have functionality to format, seems we can use them to format...(I have not look into them at them moment).


Emmanuele Bassi 写道:
On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 18:12 +0800, Henry Zhang wrote:
Hi there,

I noticed in Nautilus there is a format for removable media, but seems this function is only for floppy disk?

it's really calling gfloppy (from gnome-utils); I'm the gnome-utils
maintainer and I am already doing some coordination between a couple of
efforts of creating an all-purpose media formatter.

If so, it there any tool used for format the removable media, for example USB memory, flash card. etc?

there's an open bug to make gfloppy work with all the removable media
using HAL:

unfortunately, HAL doesn't support media formatting abstractions, so you
end up calling external programs or libraries like gparted - which might
require a privilege escalation, something that HAL (and PolicyKit) would
spare us to do (see comment #3 from davidz on the bug above).

in short: making an all-purpose formatter is not that easy as it sounds
and needs some pieces to be in place before doing it.


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