Re: Global Desktop Items: A proposal

Mac OS as Gnome's base, Good. But its came in mind when you said it, else i never had think about it, and not still I m thinking at this.
Gnome completely needs revise, total thinking. Its not as good as MacOS but i use it cuz its only good and clean (both) available on Linux (I mean a short of compromise if you think it some other way).
I have read the Gnome2.18 release note, and was surprised to know this time too there is no much development what people expect.
I may be wrong, but start reading Weblogs  and peoples review over it. And you wont blame me for saying it. Sorry dear developers, other projects, like KDE, had made things what you still fighting to  start planning.
When people started saying Gnome lacks color, you said it really doesnt matter in usable desktop, you people have planned different way.
But you know, People around world look for new releases from GNOME and its components, for getting more and more in a release. But waht at last it gets, that evince can open multiple docs, can act in browser like, sound mixer got a lil more functionality, etc.
When you serve not a single but a mass, then responsibility increases a lot my friends.

Come to Nautilus, dont you think there should be a feature, that when mouse is over an icon, it should display some properties and bigger thumbnail in tooltip type dialog. That feature is already in Konqueror, for last 2 years I guess. But not in Nautilus, so it is a little compromise for GNOME users, right.
Not only this, there are many things yet to achieved.
Also, FileManagers are the app which are most used by Users, so it is believed that good filemanager has features as well as fast (working and initiating). Also, waste some time making it little smaller :)

Hey why dont we start a discussion and work this summer, when we all are free. We can start discussing about the best features in all the available OS in world, research on Users Interactions, papers exctracts and usability testing. Which will really prove a better ground for GNOME 3 startup.

So what do u say?

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