Re: [Fwd: [PATCH] Replaced popt with GOption API]

On 3/27/06, Philip Van Hoof <spam pvanhoof be> wrote:

> You can find a patch attached to this bug that will replace the popt
> stuff with the newer GOption API:

Thanks - it looks good in general, but there's a new string in there
("[URI...]"), so we can't commit it for gnome-2.14 in its current form
(and we haven't branched yet). There's also a combined
declaration/initialization (**remaining), which is styleguide
For the context name we'd probably want something with newlines at the
start as the documentation suggests, so that it shows up in a new
line. The description from the desktop file would be appropriate I

Btw, nautilus-connect-server-dialog does use popt too now, so if you
feel inclined to completely purge it from nautilus...


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