Re: [PATCH] Don't set lazy icon position during directory load

On 3/25/06, Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org> wrote:
> This patch ensures that during directory re(load) no placement grid is
> applied to volume icons, it also ensures that the private "loading"
> variable of the directory view is used instead of the private "loading"
> icon view variable which was used uninitialized. It also fixes a former
> inconsistency where the third parameter to nautilus_icon_container_add
> was not used consistently.

It looks fine, please commit.

> Unfortunately, it also causes a regression (let's call it a trade-off).
> Volumes that the user already saw on his desktop (and therefore are
> assigned a position), but that were mounted again when the user was not
> showing the desktop (i.e. in between two sessions), and that are again
> shown during login are now placed where they were before. I don't think
> it is common to unmount a volume during a session, reuse the old
> position and remount it after the session, though, so this shouldn't be
> too bad.

Well, it's clearly much less of a regression than the current
situation where it repositions the icons on every login/reload (with a
buggy free spot finding algorithm to boot). Plus I don't have enough
insights into the icon positioning to propose a better solution, so
let's ignore it for now.

> After all the pain I had with this issue, the actual solution was found
> in a tavern. Hail to the beer :).



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