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Am Sonntag, den 26.03.2006, 23:00 +0200 schrieb Peter Chabada:
> Danny Milosavljevic píše v Ne 26. 03. 2006 v 17:23 +0200:
> > Very nice ideas... something for Xfce to chew on, at least...
> Thanks.
> > Yes, and until one can actually search for those comments. (Think tags.)
> You are right. I added this to article.
> > > multirename
> > 
> > Useful way too seldomly. If you have broken names, think where they come
> > from and fix the program that imported them from there and was too lazy
> > to fix them.
> Seldom but when you need it what you do?

Well, "seldom" is the hint for me that this should be done in an
external program :)

Murray Cumming posted a link to one of those, I think...

> > > change properties for root-owned [... files]

> [...]

> That's the way I though to be - invoke "gksudo chmode 644 file". For
> that I use now terminal but some people are doing "sudo nautilus". Both
> could become unnecessary.

yeah :)

> > ----
> > Nautilus improvements
> > 
> > > Browsing through files in nautilus with keyboard right arrow key
> > should not have "hard" edges and should allow user go to next row.
> > 
> > Nice idea. Get it into gtk :)
> Do someone know some gtk developer? Let him/her know.

 * Copyright (C) 2002, 2004  Anders Carlsson <andersca gnu org>

not sure if that's current, because iconview isn't around that long...

> [...]

> > > Cellphone/PDA synchronization
> > 
> > I'm not sure if there are even projects started that cover all this...
> > Seen any?
> There are very few, e.g. multisync. Geeks can use them but they are not
> for newbies.

I see... good to know...

> > > music database
> > 
> > What do you mean "database"? Fix the filesystem/os and use beagle/... if
> > you want to search.
> I meant something like file where rhythmbox stores its information about
> songs.

Well, my point is that one doesn't really need that anymore once the
filesystem is indexed...

> > > thumbnails database
> > 
> > What do you mean "database"? Fix the filesystem to support subfiles in
> > files ("foo.png/thumbnail" is a file that has the thmbnail data).
> I meant ~/.thumbnails folder used by nautilus. Applications that works
> with images (gthumb, fspot...) could it use too instead of creating its
> own thumbnails. Some applications are starting using this place some
> still not.

I see

> > > cddb
> > 
> > How would that be useful? The app you rip your CD with is the only one
> > that will ever need that. Or do you actually use your original Audio CDs
> > instead of ripping them?
> I have ~/.cddb and ~/.cddbslave and stored files are in same format. Why
> two folders, why not one?

Strange... find out what program did that :)

> [...]

> > > SPF
> > 
> > No idea about that. If that is supposed to fight spam, don't. Just make
> > spamming illegal and charge lunatic fines when caught.
> SPF is not intended to fight spam (but also helps). It's that I say my
> legitimate mails came from xyz smtp server. If it came from another
> place it is falsified. Now I can send mail in your name. Or I can send
> email with fictional email address that says it is from your domain. You
> cannot send me mail talking that you are danny citibank com - my smtp
> server will reject it because you are not (Citibank
> provides valid smpt servers). So it also helps fight phishing (which is
> illegal but is still there).

I see

> > > In searchbox should be able use keyword lang:xx for using different
> > language than user's environment.
> > 
> > No, quite the opposite. It should find your word in all other language
> > versions of it too. I.e. I should be able to search for "suche" (German
> > for English "search") and get both files with "suche" in them AS WELL AS
> > files with "search" in them. 
> This seems fine and should be default but there should be way how to say
> the word is in another language (e.g. I type "host" which can be English
> word "host" or Slovak word meaning "guest"). If it will be too wide it
> will found everything so it will be useless.

Oh. Does that happen often (word/meaning clashes in different
languages)? (I mean for non-stopwords)

If so, that's a strong argument against what I proposed :)

> > Archives are archives precisely so that they aren't in the way of normal
> > operations and thus what is in them should NOT be found except when you
> > _specifically_ demand it. Many people get that wrong and use archives
> > just to save space when they should *use a decent filesystem that does
> > that automatically instead*.
> I meant on demand. That's why I wrote checkbox.

well, given one opens those archives once every full moon or less, I'd
put it into the category "too seldomly used, use extra app" - and
indeed, it is one.
Now, file-roller could be made to look and be useable exactly like
nautilus, if that's what's bothering you...

> [...]


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