Re: NaughtySVN -- Nautilus and subversion integration

> We would to inform you that there is a project
> called NaughtySVN (NSVN)
> [1] which is an easy-to-use Subversion client and
> has a Graphical User
> Interface. NSVN works as an extension to the
> Nautilus File Manager. The
> inspiration of this project is TortoiseSVN. The aim
> of this project is
> to help users who are not technically oriented to
> use Subversion.

Sounds like a fantastic idea!
I've used TortoiseCVS, and I find it excellent, so
bringing something like this to GNOME is great.
> [1]

Unfortunately, the link doesn't work.
If you're providing binaries, I'd be interested in
testing this, as I'll be working with SVN once GNOME
switches to it and I much prefer a GUI to the command line.

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