NaughtySVN -- Nautilus and subversion integration

Hi list :)

We would to inform you that there is a project called NaughtySVN (NSVN)
[1] which is an easy-to-use Subversion client and has a Graphical User
Interface. NSVN works as an extension to the Nautilus File Manager. The
inspiration of this project is TortoiseSVN. The aim of this project is
to help users who are not technically oriented to use Subversion.

Something like that was discussed at least three years ago on this
list[2] I'm not able to see the status of that project. 

If anyone is interested to join this project, just register to [1] and
request a role.
There are also several specific mailing-list[3] to track this project.

Maybe I report here the major release and the most important news.




Have fun :)

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