Re: nautilus hangs occasionnaly on a right click

Alexander Larsson wrote:

On Thu, 2006-06-15 at 19:34 +0200, Patrick Jacquot wrote:
Le jeudi 15 juin 2006 à 10:31 +0200, Alexander Larsson a écrit :
On Thu, 2006-06-15 at 10:16 +0200, Patrick Jacquot wrote:

I still wonder why Totem tries to make a video thumbnail from an Ogg Vorbis music file.
Disabling that strange behavior will be a "lossless compression".
Thank you for the pointer to gconf-editor
Please tell us if this fixes the problem for you.

Alexander Larsson Red Hat, Inc
I asked Nautilus not to give a pre"view" for any sound. I hope it will
be sufficient, because I didn't find any other means to disable the
calls to Totem

Eh, disabling the thumbnailers in gconf-editor like i wrote in an
earlier mail should do that.

Alexander Larsson Red Hat, Inc alexl redhat com alla lysator liu se He's an ungodly alcoholic librarian on the run. She's a bloodthirsty kleptomaniac opera singer from out of town. They fight crime!

yes, that should do, but I'd like to have a preview of my .jpg's

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