Re: Problem with popup menu cache system

Alexander Larsson wrote:

On Fri, 2006-06-16 at 13:53 +0200, RUAUDEL Frédéric wrote:
Hi again,

The new patch proposal is available in bugzilla :

Indeed, the use of the NautilusSignaller API is much cleaner and require less code :)

Looks much better.
Great !

However, I'd prefer if this part:

+	/* Update window's current selection popup menu */
+	fm_directory_view_update_menus (FM_DIRECTORY_VIEW(window->content_view));

Was actually done by FMDirectoryView (by also listening to the signal).
We don't really guarantee that window->content_view is a FMDirectoryView
(although it always is right now).

I planned to do this at first, but to do this I have to include the nautilus-signaller.h file into the file-manager static library and it seems to me that it is not very clean. Is there a clean way to access the NautilusSignaller from within the file-manager library ?
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