Re: How nautilus manage drive icons

On Mon, 2006-06-05 at 11:56 +0200, Xavier Claessens wrote:
> So what I propose is adding some objects to libnautilus-private to have
> a common way handling Drive and Volume files. In the same way of
> nautilus_destkop_* we can make something like nautilus_volume_file and
> nautilus_drive_file which would be used to computer:///,
> x-nautilus-desktop:///,etc.
> On this objects we can have methods like
> gboolean nautilus_drive_file_can_eject (NautilusDriveFile*);
> to replace the eject_for_type(). And
> void nautilus_volume_file_get_options (NautilusDriveFile*,
> 					gboolean       *show_mount,
> 					gboolean       *show_unmount,
> 					gboolean       *show_eject,
> 					gboolean       *show_format);
> To know which options we can show for this file.
> I don't know exactly how all that can work and if that's a good idea but
> I can work on it this summer. I'll experiment some patches as soon as my
> exams finishes.
> I would be happy to have comments on this.

I'm not sure we really need a new object type for this (since there are
full-blown objects for volume and drive already this will just cause
pain). However, moving these functions into one shared place in
libnautilus-private and generalizing them as best we can sounds like a
good plan.

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