Folder images

Quick question: where does Nautilus record the images used for custom
folder icons?

(Right-click on a folder, click on the folder's image, choose any
image. It will be used as the folder's icon.)

I have regularly-named images to use as thumbnail for a certain part
of the filesystem (all album folders have a "cover.png", 256x256 image
in them) and I'd like to write a script to set them as folder icons
automatically (10k+ folders).

I looked at both ~/.thumbnails/* (where file thumbnails are stored)
and ~/.nautilus/* (not sure what it does) and it seems they're not it.
(Actually, I deleted everything there, and the one manually-set icon
is still displayed.)

The folders are on a read-only-mounted filesystem, if it matters.

Please fw any answer to me too, as I'm not subscribed to the list.
-- Bogdan Butnaru — bogdanb gmail com
"I think I am a fallen star, I should wish on myself." – O.

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