Re: Feature Request

On 18/08/06, r|z wrote:

> Hi I was wondering if tabs can be implemented into the nautilus file
> manager. The Tabs will be very usefull as sometimes when im working
> i need many directories at the same time.  This becomes a problem as
> ever directory has a window of its own. The screen can get cluttered
> pretty quickly with many windows it can become confusing. So if
> nautilus had tabs it would become very easy to manage all these
> files and directories.  I want all tabs to be visible at the same
> time and each tab to have its own panel. I have linked a screenshot
> of such a feature would look like.
> screenshot:
> Thanks 

Have you tried browser mode? In nautilus, Edit -> Preferences ->
Behaviour -> Always open in browser windows

Make sure it's ticked.


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