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Frédéric RUAUDEL wrote:
> Hi Moritz,

Hi Frederic,

thanks for your answer.

> Maybe you can have a look at this project "Nautilus Scripts for
> Subversion" :
> It is based on subversion so if you need specifically CVS access, maybe
> it will not work for you.

No, it will not work for me since I need CVS access and those scripts
are only for subversion. I searched for adequate scripts at too but did not find scripts for CVS.

> For CVS, you can check gCVS :
> AFAIK, there is no integration with nautilus yet but it does the work
> and it is a GTK app.

The Linux release of the cvsgui project is gcvs. I already installed it,
but it's based on GTK 1.x and therefore looks really ugly. Okay, an
application may still be good even though it's looking ugly but the last
release was in January 2003 as you can see on the sourceforge page of
the project:

And I don't really like using software which is not maintained anymore.

Anyway thanks for the suggestions.

> Best regards
> Fred

Best regards,

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