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Hi list,

I would like to suggest the following feature for nautilus.

Today I saw my colleague using the Tortoise CVS client in Windows. He is
able to access a CVS repository through the Windows Explorer just like
any ordinary folder. And since I never really got used to the CVS
command line client I thought, man, I want to have something like that,
too. So I searched the web for CVS GUIs for Linux and had to realize
that the only viable Linux CVS GUI is cervisia for KDE. But since I am a
happy Gnome user I don't want to install tons of KDE libraries to use it.

So I am asking you if you think it is possible and sensible to integrate
CVS support into nautilus in a similar way (like Tortoise is integrated
in Windows Explorer). I would really love such a feature and I think it
is important for Gnome to have something like that for all other
graphical CVS client solutions for Gnome like gcvs, tkcvs and lincvs
have really ugly looking interfaces and do not seem to be developed very
actively anymore. I would say that is a big drawback of Gnome compared
to KDE.

Thanks for reading,

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