Re: did this idea fell into a blachole?

Le dimanche 30 avril 2006 �1:47 +0200, Christian Neumair a �it :

> I'd rather like to have a metadata server that is not included in
> Nautilus but provides a desktop-neutral framework. As soon as D-Bus is
> stable (1.0), we may want to use Tracker [1] for storing this metadata,
> which would have its own client and (hopefully) synchronize the Nautilus
> metadata database by writing back changes. Interweaving a file manager
> and metadata storage isn't really satisfying, but feel free to provide a
> metadata client for the metadata server shipped with Nautilus in the
> meantime :).
> [1]
Alas, I didn't succeed to find the proper interface to titillate
via bonobo and gnome-python that
metadata server shipped with Nautilus.
If you have any useful info about that interface, please 
let everybody enjoy it.


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