Re: did this idea fell into a blachole?

Am Samstag, den 29.04.2006, 23:33 +0200 schrieb Patrick Jacquot:
> On 17 oct. 2001, Christian Glodt had an idea whose implementation could
> have helped me a lot :
> >From: Christian Glodt <christian glodt ist lu>
>       * To: Nautilus List <nautilus-list lists eazel com>
>       * Subject: Re: [Nautilus-list] monitoring the metafiles..
>       * Date: 17 Oct 2001 20:14:29 +0200
> ________________________________________________________________________
> >Hi,
> >> It just occurred to me that another possibility would be talking to the
> >> Nautilus metadata server using CORBA. Just before we released Nautilus 1.0,
> >> we changed things so that all metadata I/O is done by a server (which is
> >> currently in the Nautilus executable) so that metadata changes by components
> >> would not trample over changes being made in Nautilus and vice versa.
> >maybe just write a command-line client program for this metadata server
> >and distribute it with nautilus. Scripts would use the client program to
> >change/query the metadata:
> >$ nautilus-meta-client somefile --set-emblem=Important
> >$ nautilus-meta-client somefile --set-icon=icon.svg
> >This could even be extended to allow further remote-controlling of
> >nautilus:
> >$ nautilus-meta-client somefile --move-to-trash
> >and
> >$ nautilus-meta-client somefile --view	#use default viewer
> >$ nautilus-meta-client somefile --view-with=eog-component
> >I think anyone can imagine the possibilities that such a tool would make
> >available.
> >Christian Glodt
> Any news about that?

I'd rather like to have a metadata server that is not included in
Nautilus but provides a desktop-neutral framework. As soon as D-Bus is
stable (1.0), we may want to use Tracker [1] for storing this metadata,
which would have its own client and (hopefully) synchronize the Nautilus
metadata database by writing back changes. Interweaving a file manager
and metadata storage isn't really satisfying, but feel free to provide a
metadata client for the metadata server shipped with Nautilus in the
meantime :).


Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org>

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