Re: Nautilus Features Request

Thanks for reporting these bugs, although we have a distinct bug
tracking system [1], which we prefer for user feedback.
It would also be helpful if you told us what Nautilus version you are

Am Donnerstag, den 27.04.2006, 09:35 -0300 schrieb alariva:
> Hil, I'd like to see on the Information side panel the file Notes i
> add in the <Notes tag> of the file properties.

Maybe we can merge the "Notes" sidebar with the "Information" sidebar,
and display the notes right below the other info, and make the
"Information" sidebar track the user selection.

> It'd be also nice to get the screenshoot (for images) and notes of the
> file  in a tooltip when i pass the mouse over it.

I also like that idea, but if I remember correctly Alex feared that it
might cause too much clutter. Alex?

> Three bug report:
> - It sometimes happen that i want to double click a file and its icon
> moves to other place (like an icon re-arrangement)

This is probably due to the MIME type of the icon not matching what its
extension claims, but it might also be an icon container layout bug if
you use "text besides icon", which I think has been fixed in Nautilus
2.14. Does it happen for files of a distinct type only, or for the 

> - It also happen that i open a folder and icons just never end to
> arrange and it keeps like shaking all the time!


> - When using emblems i use to get bad rendered emblems when seeing
> empty folders.

I think this is due to an icon container layout bug that should have
been fixed some months ago. The emblem size wasn't incorporated when
calculating the icon size, and so the part of the emblem that does not
intersect with the icon wasn't invalidated (and therefore cleared) when
the icon was moved around.

Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org>

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