Re: nautilus-list Digest, Vol 24, Issue 15

--- Benjamin Sher <delphi123 zebra net> wrote:

> I am sorry to disagree. The ///burn location looks
> like a protocol. 
> There is no way in the world to guess that you are
> supposed to place the 
> files from My Computer BELOW this in the empty,
> blank space that could 
> mean everything and nothing. Why cause your users to
> agonize over 
> something that a simple arrow and/or explanatory
> text can easily 
> prevent. After all, isn't Nautilus CD Burning meant
> for the ordinary 
> user? I'll bet even more experienced users will be
> baffled by the 
> present situation. I have never seen a program that
> is so simple made so 
> agonizingly complicated to the point of madness.

Granted, "burn:///" is a hideous thing to put
If you were using Nautilus in default mode, you
wouldn't have seen that.

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