Re: Singe click selection with checkboxes

On 9/14/05, Joachim Noreiko <jnoreiko yahoo com> wrote:
> The behaviour for rubberband without modifiers, on
> other OSes and on applications within GNOME (GIMP,
> Inkscape, etc) is to begin a new selection. Breaking
> that convention would be a bad idea, I think.

Well, on most (installed) desktops, the convention is to have the OK
button to the left. However, people breaking that convention has made
me a happier man. =)

However, convention is not to be taken lightly, of course. I just sit
here and feel that the default behaviour isn't really that effective
or even necessarily intiutive, so maybe it's worth investigating
alternatives, even for other applications. Also, different tasks may
require different ways of doing things.

> The HIG already has something on this:

The HIG, while I agree it is important and should be very reluctant to
change, I hope it is no real reason to just dismiss ideas. I sure hope
it is, and should be, a carefully evolving document. Nothing to do
with this specific issue, but referring to "Holy Vatican Law" just
can't be the way to go in discussions like these.

More care should be applied when something goes against it, of course.
There are reasons things are in it in the first place, although I do
suspect that in too many cases that reason is "convention" or "seemed
ok at the time".

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