Re: [FTP] at not allowed in FTP username

Nelson Benítez wrote:
Mateusz Łoskot escribió:

I suppose there is a problem with the at - @ - in my username.
May be I'm something wrong?

The bug is fixed in gnome-vfs but still not in nautilus. You can also use gftp[1] without problems.


It seems I was wrong, I've just recompiled nautilus and I *can* browse ftp accounts that have @ in username, so this bug was fixed just with the patch in gnome-vfs[1] that is available since gnome-vfs-2.11.90 , for some strange reason I had to recompile nautilus to realize it.

If anyone could test it with the following ftp account[3], then that bug could be closed. And also bug 71973[2] could be closed and tell the reporter to reopen it if he can reproduce it with >=gnome-vfs-2.11.90 .

[3] server:
 username: testgnome cenobioracing com
 password: testgnome

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