Re: Deactivating the Trash

On 9 Sep, 2005, at 10:18 AM, Luca Ferretti wrote:
Note that deletion_time is not the only "metadata" to monitor. A smart
trash algorithm should be able to figure that a 3M MPEG movie is less
important than a 3M Gnumeric spreasheet, 'couse MBs are typical size of
videos, while only a spreadsheed with a lot (and maybe important) data
can reach MBs.
        <b><big>Confirm deletion of maybe important items?</b><big>

        You are going to delete some items that could be important for
        you. This message appears when the items were previously marked
with the "Important" emblem or are bigger then the typical sizes
        of their file types (you made a big effort to produce them).
        Please confirm their deletion, activating the checkbox.
        [*] file1.doc (1,5 MB)
[*] team.sxi (8,1 MB) -------------------------------------------------------------------

                        [ Delete All ]  [ Cancel ]  [ Delete Selected ]

I think that's a pretty good demonstration of why this wouldn't work. It's far too complicated for a confirmation alert, and it would be popping up at seemingly-random times, which would be very annoying.

Anyway, confirmation alerts are for programs with insufficient undo. The whole point of the Trash is to provide undo for throwing stuff away. So putting up an alert for automatic deletion would be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Matthew Paul Thomas

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