Re: Deactivating the Trash

> From: Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt myrealbox com>

> So perhaps this could be automated with a single
> option:
>         Automatically delete items from the Trash:
>         [ Never            :^]
> The menu could contain "Never", "After 1 year",
> "After 3 months", "After
> 1 month", "After 1 week", "After 1 day", "When I log
> out", and
> "Immediately". The last option would satisfy
> Nikolaus's use case.

Very nice idea!

I would like to see this automated feature
complemented with a user-controlled version of the
same concept.

The trash menu would have the usual item "Empty
trash", and below it "Empty trash older than...". This
second item summons a dialog box, with the same sort
of options as above.

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