Re: Singe click selection with checkboxes

Hehe, I just got this forwarded to me, and so I thought I'd share:

> "There's a really cool new way to select multiple files/folders in
> Windows Vista. Under XP and previous operating systems you've had to use
> the mouse pointer to select a file and if you wanted a block of
> contiguous files you pressed down the SHIFT key while selecting and if
> you wanted to pick and choose files you held down the CTRL key. OK,
> something that we eventually got used to but still a major pain in the
> neck for most people.
> Vista offers a much easier way - selecting files and folders using a
> check box."

Not sure if that would strengthen or weaken my case; Windows hasn't
always been the hallmark of usability... though they don't generally
employ stupid people either. =)

However, it *is* an obvious way for just about any user to select
files. It seems they've avoided said clutter by using an empty column
to click in, and only showing the filled in checkboxes - not so sure
about that one, OTOH it probably still is pretty obvious. If the
column is not understood it only takes selecting one file any other
old way to notice the column.

Linked from said post:

They also have this little "toggle all" box above, which is common in
other lists. And they've made it optional. Not too bad IMO.

For me personally, I'm still fine with for instance middle click, but
then again I'm not afraid of reading up on and learning "secret"
shortcuts for effectiveness.

Anyway, hadn't seen this one and wanted to share it as an
encouragement or as a warning, all in the eye of the beholder. =)

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