Singe click selection with checkboxes

Hello, sorry if this has been discussed and dismissed earlier, I've been searching but didn't find anything.

I'm using single click interface in Nautilus, and I'm starting to like it more and more; I first tried using such an interface on my laptop, because when when you have no actual mouse but only those crappy pads, double clicks can be cumbersome to say the least. I found out that I liked it even for normal operations - after all, it works just fine for browsing the web, right? It felt faster and more natural. =)

There's just these little cases when it breaks down and becomes a bit clumsy - on the web it is for instance when you want to select the text of a link, in a file browser it is when you want to select a few files without activating them. On Windows, you can select files and folders by hovering over them slightly, I didn't like that much - it felt shaky and there was that small wait for each. In Nautilus, as far as I can tell, you either drag-select or use SHIFT or CTRL while clicking. None of these feels as smooth as all other operations, and for people uncomfortable with computers, I've seen that "multiple" operations like these are confusing or hard to handle - for some, even double click can be a bit on the hard side.

What I really wanted was a way to simply click on the files/folders as easily as activating them. I was thinking about middle clicks and other things, but then it struck me: why not simple checkboxes? It would even make lots of sense for total newbies, since it's quite a common metafor.

In list mode, it could sit to the left of the icon, and in icon mode it could be in one of the corners, say upper left. Doesn't need to take much space, just enough to make it clear what it is and easy enough to hit. All other visual hints and mechanism could very well say (changing background color, being able to do CTRL/SHIFT/Drag maneuvers etc). And of course, this could be disabled, maybe even by default.

This is all just speculation, of course, which is why I submit it here. =) But I think that this addition might make single click a really fast and intuitive interface to work in, for newcomers and old timers alike. It's a single operation, no combinations. It provides extra visual clues. And those who prefer double click, well the initial problem isn't as big for them, but they could also benefit from it as they wouldn't need the added CTRL for multiples.

For extra goodliness in multiple selections, add the ability to (in list view) to simply hold the button down and drag it over several checkboxes to toggle them - making it easy to do CTRL-type selections on series of files/folders.

If I've been unclear on any point here, feel free to ask for clarification. And if I'm way off in some way, please tell me how and why, and I'll willingly hang my head in shame. :)

Personally, I think this would make my days more comfortable, and hopefully it'd help others too.

Thanks for your time,

Kristoffer Lundén
☎ 0704 48 98 77
kristoffer lunden gmail com
ICQ: 618 289 83

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