Re: Singe click selection with checkboxes

Christian Neumair wrote:
Am Mittwoch, den 07.09.2005, 08:16 +0000 schrieb Daniel P�h:

Kristoffer Lund�<kristoffer.lunden <at>> writes:

What I really wanted was a way to simply click on the files/folders as
easily as activating them. I was thinking about middle clicks and other
things, but then it struck me: why not simple checkboxes? It would even
make lots of sense for total newbies, since it's quite a common

Well middle-clicks are not that bad. A old filemanager called xfm used it to
extend selection and ROX ( uses it when in
double-click mode. Since middle click is unused at the moment it might be nice
to give it a try.

In spatial mode, the middle mouse button does close-behind.

If I'm not wrong, we have the "make non-contiguous selection just with the mouse" problem also in double-click mode, where CTRL has to be pressed, so it's not a single click mode only problem.

In double-click-mode can be solved by using the middle-click, which atm has no special action, just does the same as left click (selects the item).

And for single-click-mode I would also use middle-click because:

a) We have an unique button for non-contiguous selection that we share with double-click mode, so people switching from one mode to another can continue using the same way they used to.

b) In single-click mode, the usecases for non-contiguous selection are more than for close-behind [1].

c) When in single-click-mode AND browser-mode the middle-click is also unused, it does the same as left click (open file/folder), because in browser-mode there is no close-behind action.

d) Attending to b) and c), more users would benefit from this, exactly, looking at a users list[2] the only ones that don't benefit are subset 1-1, while all the others groups benefit from having middle-click to perform non-contiguous selections.

[1] I didn't know it existed that, :).
[2] Type of users:
1) Spatial single-click
	1-1) Spatial single-click subset that use close-behind.
2) Spatial double-click
3) Browser single-click
4) Browser double-click

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