Re: Singe click selection with checkboxes

Am Sonntag, den 04.09.2005, 21:17 +0200 schrieb Kristoffer Lundén:
> On 9/4/05, Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org> wrote:

>         Having that many
>         UI elements in the interface would simply clutter the
>         directory view.
> I thought not, even though there will be more elements as such. But to
> make sure, I made two simple mock-ups, which can be found here:
> and
> Bear with the poor execution, I'm not much good with image
> manipulations and this was a five minute operation in Gimp. =)
> However, it gives an indication I think.

That's exactly that sort of clutter I meant. My impression is that
multiple incoherent selections (first, fourth, 20. item) are rare enough
to rectify a modifier. Coherent selections (nth, n+1th, ..., mth item),
however must get simpler in list view. I'm pretty much sure that we'll
get a selection rectangle into 2.14 which will take care that you can
click somewhere outside the name column, start your drag, release it on
another row (in the name column) and have all the rows covered by the
rectangle selected.

Thanks for your productive input by the way, and sorry for disappointing
you - but I think the way you use Nautilus is not shared by many other
users. I'm sure that we can come up with something better - maybe other
special click regions that don't clutter the UI. We could for instance
use the label in icon view exclusively for selection toggling and clicks
outside the text or icon region inside the name row could be used to
toggle the selection of the toggled, although the GtkTreeView IMHO
doesn't allow the latter as of writing.

> Also, it's quite possible that all selected elements should look like
> the "tmp" folder, that is, change background too for clarity - the
> checkbox is more of the "handle" that does the job. Being a checkbox
> makes it more clear what it does, although it could be any icon as
> such.
> My personal reflection after looking at these images is that for icon
> view it is really unobtrusive, and it doesn't bother me in list view
> either (if someone aligned them a bit better ;-). I feel like I could
> easily click around, selecting a few files and then drag them
> somewhere. However, that is just my personal opinion, and I don't want
> to come of as if I defend the idea solely because it was mine to begin
> with.
>         IMHO not many users activate multiple files at once, except
>         for queueing
>         files in music or video players.
> I don't think this is about activation. But what I do all the time is
> that I sort, I move, I copy, I delete, I edit, I queue and so on -
> just what a file manager is for - and I do it with multiple files,
> because often you want to do this with multiple files.

I think Alex at/after GUADEC planned a shelf-based copy/move system.
It could be that it allows you to drag multiple files to a dedicated
area on screen and then operate on all of these files at once.
Alex, maybe you could elaborate on it?

Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org>

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