Re: Progress dialogs patch

Dnia 30-03-2005, śro o godzinie 11:50 +0200, Sebastien Estienne napisał:
> > > of course we need the progresse dialog, but we don't need to have it
> > > in front of us all the time, that's why a little icon in a tray call
> > > allow us to see the current actions in progress by cliking on it (a
> > > bit like the progress dialog in firefox)
> > 
> > Yeah, the progress dialog should be minimizable in the first place :)
> > I'm suprised nobody brought this up yet.
> > An option to minimize the progress into a panel progress applet would be
> > sweet too, but I for one rarely have more than one transfer going.
> > 
> As far as i remenber, the mail app in mac os x use something a bit similar.
> And i think that evolution would also benefit from a progress bar that
> doesn't ofusc reading the mail. that's really not great to have this
> pop up with progress bar (sending/receiving) in from of you when you'd
> prefer to be able to read your mails.

FWIW, I just shade the dialogue when I absolutely need to read already
received mails *now*, otherwise I simply move to something else and come
back after a while :). But in general it's true, just like we shouldn't
be using modal dialogues (and we don't, mostly), we shouldn't be leaving
user faced with unminimisable dialogues in the middle of screen. I like
the feedback however, when I get the mail after being offline for some
time, I want to have some idea as to how many mails are there to read.
So we shouldn't be hiding that too much, either.


Maciej Katafiasz <ml mathrick org>

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