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I also need progress dialog

From: Jaap Haitsma <jaap haitsma org>
To: Sebastien Estienne <sebastien estienne gmail com>
CC: nautilus-list gnome org,David Christian Berg <david sipsolutions net>
Subject: Re: Progress dialogs patch
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 10:59:44 +0200

Sebastien Estienne wrote:
On Sun, 27 Mar 2005 20:55:04 +0200, David Christian Berg
<david sipsolutions net> wrote:

On Sat, 2005-03-26 at 19:33 +0100, Sebastien Estienne wrote:


I was wondering if we really need to have this kind of progress bar
dialog that stay in the middle of the screen during the
copying/moving/deleting task.

I think we could have something new:
When we start a copying/moving/deleting task, a little icon would
appear in the tray bar, a small pop up (like msn pop ups for new
message) would say that the tasked started ok, and then disappear till the task is finished, a another popup would come to say that it works
ok or failed.

We could access and see/cancel the status of current task by clicking
on the icon in the tray bar.

what do you think of this idea?

Hey guys:

As a user, I like it... sounds very reasonable.
If it is integrated, the code should be made available for other
projects (e.g. for downloading in galeon) as well, or maybe it should be implemented on a gnome-wide basis, since there have been discussions for
introducing toasters for non-crucial error messages and the such.

exactly, i was thinking about something like the firefox download manager

I'd like to have something like the firefox popup messages on GNOME, but for copying files I prefer to have a progress dialog. If you copy a large file say over an internet connection it might take a long time. So I'd like to be able to see if everything is progressing. It might be nice though if the copying is finished that a firefox like popup appears at the bottom of the screen

Just my 0.02$

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