Re: Progress dialogs patch

Il giorno sab, 26/03/2005 alle 18.29 +0100, Michiel Sikkes ha scritto:
> Hi nautilus developers,
> I'd like to propose a new lay-out for the progress dialogs in Nautilus.
> I've written a patch which lets the dialogs follow the HIG guidelines.
> I'd like to know your opinion on the placement of the widgets and the
> changes I made with this patch.
> I have opened a bugreport about it here[1]. But I'll attach the patch
> with this e-mail too.

Great! Are you planning to change the label in the progress widget from,
in example:

        Copying file: %d of %d (%time Remaining)

        (%d+1) of %d files copied, about %time hours/minutes/seconds

Unfortunately this change could be not so trivial :-(

PS Why "Remaining" is uppercase ?
PPS What do you think to use "Source/Destination" instead "From/To"?

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