Force Nautilus to refresh wallpaper - or Nautilus compatible changer?

Hello all,

Since Nautilus seems to keep a canvas up over the actually background
window, I believe from experimentation that the only way I'm going to
change my background picture (wallpaper) is via Nautilus....  If that
isn't true for folks running Gnome and Nautilus, correct me, but I've
found all changes to the base background (X windows) pointless, as the
Nautilus window manager hides it with its canvas.

That said, is there any way to poke nautilus, to get it to re-read the
file currently in use for wallpaper?  If so, I can change the contents
of that file, and poke nautilus to refresh.  I tried sending nautilus a
HUP signal, which worked, but also did more drastic things.

Short of that, is they any other way to get nautilus to change its
wallpaper programmatically, without pulling up the GUI?


Paul Coene <pcoene1 rochester rr com>

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