Re: Nautilus: deleting => lot of trouble

On Wed, 2005-03-09 at 21:38 +0100, Henrik Ormåsen wrote:
> Debian testing ltsp (terminal)server (gnome 2.8).
> We have 11 clients on this server.
> What casually happens is that nautilus hangs when a user tries to
> delete a file, and it hangs in a I/O wait state. And of this reason
> isn't killable. After this deleting is impossible until the processes
> dies of it self (I don't rely know how long this will take, and if
> trying to kill all gnome processes of the user is necessary. I have
> usually slayed the user, and asked him to log inn again. He will then
> have to work with no icons or nautilus until this process finds out
> it's time to die...). When this has happened for one user, the problem
> will affect every user (i.e. They will get this problem too if they
> too tries to delete a file in Nautilus).
> It might be that deleting with the [del] key on the keyboard are more
> likely (or the only way) to make this situation, than using the mouse
> to delete files.
> I believe this problem occurred about 4 moths ago. I thought it was a
> bug i nautilus, have updated often since this, and googled for a
> solution, but with no luck :-(.
> Have anybody any suggestions or experience with this? 

Really, if you get stuck in i/o wait (and you're not on a hanged nfs
mount), something is messed up in the kernel. It would be interesting to
try to find out where in the kernel its blocking, but I don't really
know how to do this these days. The "wchan" output from ps should give
you this, but i never quite got that working.

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