Re: thumbs in moved folders

Yeah, it may be annoying but that is a an implementation issue.  I think
nautilus uses the md5sum of the image path (I'm probably wrong about
this) to identify the thumbnail file, if you move (or copy) the file to
another place, the id will be different and hence the recreation of the


El mi�09-03-2005 a las 08:53 +0100, David Christian Berg escribi� Hi folks,
> when you move a folder all the thumbs are recreated as for nautilus
> 2.8.2, debian distribution. I don't quite understand this behaviour, the
> thumbs gotta be saved somewhere, why aren't they just moved along with
> the folder, saving the waiting?
> It's not important really, but kinda bothers me a little.
> Take care!
> David

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