Nautilus: deleting => lot of trouble

Debian testing ltsp (terminal)server (gnome 2.8).
We have 11 clients on this server.

What casually happens is that nautilus hangs when a user tries to
delete a file, and it hangs in a I/O wait state. And of this reason
isn't killable. After this deleting is impossible until the processes
dies of it self (I don't rely know how long this will take, and if
trying to kill all gnome processes of the user is necessary. I have
usually slayed the user, and asked him to log inn again. He will then
have to work with no icons or nautilus until this process finds out
it's time to die...). When this has happened for one user, the problem
will affect every user (i.e. They will get this problem too if they
too tries to delete a file in Nautilus).

It might be that deleting with the [del] key on the keyboard are more
likely (or the only way) to make this situation, than using the mouse
to delete files.

I believe this problem occurred about 4 moths ago. I thought it was a
bug i nautilus, have updated often since this, and googled for a
solution, but with no luck :-(.

Have anybody any suggestions or experience with this? 

Regards Henrik

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