Re: Icons are outside the nautilus window with "text beside icons"

On Wed, 2005-06-01 at 10:37 -0400, Michael Terry wrote:
> Hello.  I have a patch I'd like reviewed for bug 159621, Icons are
> outside the nautilus window with "text beside icons."  You can see it
> here:
> The bug is that with the text beside icons option selected, if there are
> short filenames in a folder, the files will appear cut off, partially
> obscured to the left of the window.

I don't think that approach is right.

We're calculating the max size of the icon+text and use that as the grid
size. Then we use the max text size to set things up so that the right
size of the icon/left side of the text is aligned vertically.

This can be really wrong. Think of the case of a two-item directory, one
item with a very wide icon but small text, one with a small icon but
wide text. Say the *total* size of both icon+text are the same. This
would mean we picked that size for grid size. But, to get the alignment
right we really have to pick a grid size of max_icon_width +
max_text_width. When that is done we really should use max_icon_width -
icon_width as x_offset.

> Any comments would be appreciated.  Please CC me.  Is this the only/best
> way to get patches reviewed?  Do you all prefer not use bugzilla much?

See the HACKING file for a discussion of how we like patches submitted.

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