Re: Proposal for better DnD moving/copying (especially in browser-mode)

On 7/28/05, Sven <sven bugzilla gmx de> wrote:
> > So, is the consensus that this wouldn't violate the patent? If so, is
> > anyone willing to work on it? Also, I've been thinking about treating
> > the path/sidebar more like regular folders and have got a few ideas:
> >
> > * DnD items from the bookmarks sidepane. You could copy, link or move
> > a folder. If you move it, the bookmarked location will, of course, be
> > updated, and if you move it to the trash, the bookmark will be
> > removed.
> >
> > * DnD from the pathbar. As above, without the bookmark magic.
> >
> > * Context menus for path/sidebar. I think I saw a bug about this
> > somewhere, but now I can't find it. Be able to open the regular
> > context menu, so that you can rename, delete, veiw properties, etc for
> > these folders.
> you are going crazy!
> I think dnd to a pathbar icon is useful, but features like dnd from the
> pathbar, renaming or moving there is not good.
> I would not want people to "work" with the pathbar icons.
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Why wouldn't you want them to work with these icons? These are visible
and accessible representations of folders, sometimes they're the most
convenient way to access them. I don't think people are going to be
using these features extensively, but sometimes it's the easiest,
fastest or most obvious way to do things; it can give them more power
and flexibility without making things too complicated (for the users,
anyway ;-)). Also if we begin this metaphor (path/sidebar as folders)
with DnD to them (which I think we all agree can be very useful, i.e.
for moving files shallower in the hierarchy), we should extend it as
far as is reasonable, otherwise, users will assumes this functionality
and (at least) be disappointed when it isn't there.

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