Re: Proposal for better DnD moving/copying (especially in browser-mode)

Jason Day wrote:
So, is the consensus that this wouldn't violate the patent? If so, is
anyone willing to work on it? Also, I've been thinking about treating
the path/sidebar more like regular folders and have got a few ideas:

* DnD items from the bookmarks sidepane. You could copy, link or move
a folder. If you move it, the bookmarked location will, of course, be
updated, and if you move it to the trash, the bookmark will be

already working on this

* DnD from the pathbar. As above, without the bookmark magic.

Not on my plans maybe somebody else wants to do it?

* Context menus for path/sidebar. I think I saw a bug about this
somewhere, but now I can't find it. Be able to open the regular
context menu, so that you can rename, delete, veiw properties, etc for
these folders.

already working on this.

Bear in mind above wont make it in until 2.14 as we are in feature freeze.

Mr Jamie McCracken

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