Re: Nautilus Issues


On Son, 2005-01-09 at 22:55 +0000, Mick Walker wrote:
> The issue I am having is viewing image files with nautilus, the previous
> version allowed me to view images in the same browser window that I was
> browsing the file system with, however in the newer version I can't find
> the setting to allow me to do this, I have looked through the gconf
> settings, and can't seem to find a setting that related to this feature.
> But maybe it is a case of me not being able to see the forest for the
> trees. 
> Currently when I double click on a image file, eog is loaded in a
> separate window. Does anyone know how I can revert back to the previous
> way of viewing images I mentioned above? 

AFAICT you can't. The idea of nautilus as an universal viewer has been
abandoned. Nautilus windows shall only represent folders. Therefore most
or all non-folder views have been removed, including image views.

If you want to browse through your images in one window, you should use
the "Open Folder" function of eog or use a thumbnail viewer like gThumb
which enables many more features than you had with the old nautilus
viewer, e.g. full screen view, slideshows,...



Jürg Billeter <j bitron ch>

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