Nautilus Issues

Hi All, 

I have just upgraded from gnome 2.6 to gnome 2.8. (FreeBSD 5.3 Port
This upgrade also upgraded nautilus to 2.8.2. 
The issue I am having is viewing image files with nautilus, the previous
version allowed me to view images in the same browser window that I was
browsing the file system with, however in the newer version I can't find
the setting to allow me to do this, I have looked through the gconf
settings, and can't seem to find a setting that related to this feature.
But maybe it is a case of me not being able to see the forest for the
Currently when I double click on a image file, eog is loaded in a
separate window. Does anyone know how I can revert back to the previous
way of viewing images I mentioned above? 

Thanks for your time. 

perl -e 'printf %silto%c%sal%c%s%ccodegurus%corg%c, ma, 58, mw, 107,
'er',  64, 46, 10;' 

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