RE: Nautilus Issues

> > Currently when I double click on a image file, eog is loaded in a
> > separate window. Does anyone know how I can revert back to 
> the previous
> > way of viewing images I mentioned above? 
> AFAICT you can't. The idea of nautilus as an universal viewer has been
> abandoned. Nautilus windows shall only represent folders. 
> Therefore most
> or all non-folder views have been removed, including image views.

I wish this was true. My Nautilus 2.8.x (Debian/Sid) sometimes spontaneously
switches itself to a kind of 'multimedia' view (sorry for misinterpretation,
I'm not at the machine at the moment), featuring some gstreamer controls,
which then unexpectedly crashes in a split of second later. Is there something
I can just switch off to keep my icon view consistent or get rid of this 
gstreamer extension altogether?

Vitezslav Kotrla

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